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La Maladie de la Famille M. at Odeon – presenting the unprecedented

A theater piece created by Fausto Paravidino and staged by Radu Afrim. Uh… who? That question arises often when viewing the season offerings at Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, given the theater’s propensity for bringing new and innovative productions, artists and playwrights to the attention of Parisians. Europe is vast, tastes differ, sensibilities clash, subtleties get lost in the shuffle, so the daunting task of selecting pieces to bring to Paris is easily matched by the equally difficult task of sensitizing Parisians to the esthetic value of these choices.

Ateliers Berthier, Paris 17e

Ateliers Berthier, Paris 17e

For this reason, Théàtre Odéon, has developed a sophisticated system of educative advertising and informative promotional program to introduce Parisians to the works it is presenting, and La Maladie de la Famille M. currently at Odéon’s Ateliers Berthier in the 17th arr., is a good example. For those whose interest is piqued by the possibility of seeing this award winning theater piece by the modernist playwright Paravidino from Teatro Stabile and directed by an influential new talent of Romanian theater direction, Radu Afrim who brings the resurgent National Theater of Timisoara to Paris, the Odéon website gives ample opportunity to find out more.

There one can see an intriguing video clip from the production. download a press kit with bios of Paravidino and Afrim, as well as get much info about the development and history of this production. Note also the “rencontre hors-les-murs,” a presentation taking place elsewhere in the city, in this case, at the Italian Cutlural Institute. On June 15, Fausto Paravidino will be interviewed by journalist Jean-Louis Perrier, of the magazine Mouvement.

While you’re there at the website, you can also read a bit about Odéon’s outreach programs for schools, the theater’s print publications, and you can listen to some interviews, and read about accessiblities. If you prefer, you can do your reading in English, because the website is fully bilingual. This web presence is a model of how theaters can present themselves successfully using the new technologies of the 21st Century.

La Maladie de la Famille M.

June 11-21, 2009 at l’Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe

Important: The piece is presented at Ateliers Berthier,

at rue André-Suarès and Boulevard Berthier in the 17th arr.

Métro / RER C Porte de Clichy.


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