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About DA

My blogblot spreads out in many directions, “a macchio d’olio,” like a droplet of oil touching still waters. It is about my various worlds of words and performing arts: writings, languages, films, music. There is also info about my first novel, The Shriek and the Rattle of Trains, my second novel, Tzoquito  and my third, Nickel Fare. I hope you’ll find something of interest here. You won’t find much about my photography, however. You can see my Flickr

photos in the link below, but for a more complete look at my art photography, look at my Virtual Art Gallery (see below). Click on the image to the right or on the link in the blogroll below.

This blog may get updated only inconsistently (or not at all!) but it is monitored, so feel free to leave comments. In fact, I have a whole portfolio of erratically updated blogs, which you might find of interest. Click on the thumbnails or find them in the blogroll further down the margin:

Tzoquito: a transgressive fable of Mexico.

Tzoquito: a transgressive fable of Mexico.





The website of Ferrandina Press, info about my books and other publication of the press.

My Virtual Art Gallery

My Virtual Art Gallery


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