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The Cinema Rex in Paris

The Cinema Rex in Paris

I am lucky to be able to see many films, and talk to filmmakers and festival goers. On my blog page you can find many entries under the category of cinema. Among my ezine articles, you can find even more. I love to write about the cinema. Here are some of the articles that I feel work best and are most informative. Click on the image to see the written piece:

Love trailer

Love trailer

The crime and the grime: former-Yugoslav filmmakers explore the dark.
An admittedly hurried look at cinema trends in the post-Yugoslavia region. If the article emphasizes Serbian cinema, that is because that is where some of the most interesting and best wrought cinema is coming from right now.

Toni Servillo at the European Film Awards. (Runeevensenscanpix)

Toni Servillo

Il Divo. Giulio Andreotti’s battle for power becomes a cinematic spectacle.
A review of the innovative and unique 2008 film about one of the most enigmatic and iconic Italian political figures of the past 50 years.


Sorrentino & Servillo in Paris for Il Divo and L’Uomo in Più. This article looks at the collaboration of these two men, in these two films, the newly released Il Divo, and the excellent and lesser known film from 2001, L’Uomo in Più.

Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano Honored at 2008 Thessaloniki Film Festival.

This article on the Oh My News website, is a review of Kitano’s 2008 film Achilles and the Tortoise. The film, which is autobiographical in a symbolic way, is a very intriguing look at the journey of an artist with little talent, but a great love for inspiration.


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