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The latest issue of Van Gogh’s Ear is out!

That’s right, issue #7, the Supernatural Edition is now available on line and at bookstores. Felice Picano is the guest editor of this final volume, and he has included pieces by him as well as Andrew Holleran, Edmund White, Michael Luongo, Jayanta Mahapatra and (I am very happy to say), Dominic Ambrose. My story, “A Little Trick Manette Taught Him” is adapted from my as yet unpublished 😦 manuscript, Nickel Fare.

The protagonist of the story, Nicangelo, meets Manette and stays in her apartment for a few days until Manette can’t take it anymore. Manette decides to get rid of Nicangelo, sending him to make a proposition to the Dutchman. But in this “supernatural” version, Manette doesn’t simply send the young man to seduce the Dutchman with his good looks alone, she gives him something extra to cast his spell with… and a little trick to protect himself.

Buy a copy of this last and surely collectible issue of Van Gogh’s Ear at the French Connection website. Click on the image at the left.

My story “Her Georgian Treasure” appeared in a recent issue of the online literary journal, Quill & Ink. It’s the story of a young woman who returns to Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia during a lull in the civil war.

I have an interactive Glossary here for my novel The Shriek and the Rattle of Trains. It is probably the most popular feature here, as it gets the most internet hits. I have decided to add an interactive Glossary for my second novel, even though that one is not published yet. I am still searching for a willing publisher… Itheatre_newAmsterdam think it might be of interest to anyone who has some time to stroll aimlessly around in 1971 and 72. It’s a rough neighborhood, but not without its pleasures. Click on the upper balcony of the New Amsterdam theater (They weren’t showing Mary Poppins there in 1971!) and browse around. Then, when you’re done, convince your local publisher to offer me a deal.

Selected articles about other fiction writers:

Harper Colllins

Harper Colllins

I attended a reading by Edmund White in June, 2008 at the American Library in Paris. He spoke about his latest novel, Hotel de Dream, and read some passages. It is a historical novel with Stephen Crane and Henry James as characters. A fascinating addition to American literature. If this book intrigues you click on the book icon to link to Harper Collins where you can browse inside.

And click here to read my article on OhmyNews.


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