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Non Fiction

My non fiction work has been mostly in the form of articles written for journals, both online and printed. The topics are very varied, from film reviews to linguistic studies and several places in between.

I have four articles on the Knol website. They include an article about the 20 most important American pop songs of the last 50 years, two articles comparing languages for study, and one sociolinguistics study that I conducted in Romania in the 1990s. This last article is also in the ERIC Database for linguistics. Here is a link to my articles.



The United States Department of State, has made back issues of its journal, the English Teaching FORUM available online. You can now download my article from 2002, regarding the use of TV commercials in language teaching. Click here for Vol. 40, no.2 listings.

Oh My News is a really interesting and well run journalism online clearing house run from South Korea. I have a few articles in their database. To see my articles you have to type my name in the search box and choose author from the drop-down menu.



Buzzle is an online ezine clearing house. You can see the Buzzle widget in the sidebar at the right. For a complete list of my articles at Buzzle, though, click here. My complete listings at Buzzle.

Another website similar to Buzzle is Ezinearticles. You will note that there is some duplication here, as I have sometimes added my already published articles to Ezine to broaden their availability. Click here for my list.


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