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El Greco gets wrapped in the Greek flag. A film review

Thessaloniki FF, 2007
It’s never easy to move when you’re wrapped up in a flag, so it’s no wonder that El Greco is lifeless and boring. The poor guy deserves better, but he’ll have to wait a bit longer to get it.
El Greco is one of my favorite artists, one of the unique geniuses of Renaissance art whose paintings seem amazing modern today. I was eager to learn more about his life, as his biographies are full of dark corners and enigmatic situations. However, the expense (most costly Greek film ever) and the hype should have given me a fair warning regarding what I was about to see. It was the big event of the Thessaloniki festival, there were posters and hourly wage earners handing out flyers on the street, interviews on TV and newspaper articles, and in a country where nationalism takes on religious fervor, what could that mean?

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